Sending Healing Energy: The Beautiful Practice of Distance Reiki

Everyone has the ability to send positive energy or “good vibes” to other people. But did you know that there are trained individuals who have the ability to transmit healing energy from the universe to other people, regardless of their location?  Sending healing energy is one of the wonderful gifts that Reiki Practitioners have the ability to do. 

We Are Energy Beings

“Concerning matter, we have been all wrong. What we have called matter is energy, whose vibration has been so lowered as to be perceptible to the senses, There is no matter.” Albert Einstein

We are all energy beings. Every Atom in your body has protons and electrons. As electrons move around within an Atom they create electricity, also known as energy. 

Energy Being

How much energy is in a human body? 

According to a report in the National Library of Medicine by biologist Ladislav Kovac “The energy output of the resting adult human body is equal to a 100 W electrical lightbulb. With a hard physical load, it could be up to seven times larger.”

What is a Reiki Practitioner

Reiki is a healing art and spiritual tradition that grew out of Japanese culture. It is a form of alternative therapy that involves the practitioner laying their hands on or near the recipient to help promote healing and balance in the body. The practitioners become a conduit for Reiki (also known as Universal Life Energy) to flow into themselves or another recipient. 

Reiki practitioners can go through various levels of training. 

The first level focuses on self healing and learning how to channel Reiki energy. 

The second level instructs practitioners on how to channel the energy into other people. It also teaches them how to send the healing energy to a recipient from a distance.

There is also a third level that is referred to in some Reiki practices as the Master level. 

Reiki Attunement

Before a student can be certified as a practitioner of any of the levels they have to go through an attunement ceremony. During the ceremony the Master opens the energy pathways of the student.  Once the pathway is open the student will have the ability to channel Reiki energy.

How Does Reiki Distance Healing Work

In science there is a bizarre phenomenon called Quantum Entanglement. It teaches that two particles can be billions of light years apart from each other and yet be intimately linked to each other. If a change takes place in one it will effect the other. 

This theory is embraced by many in the Reiki community. It helps to scientifically back sending healing energy over a distance. Reiki practitioners believe that they can be half a world away from someone and still have the ability to send healing energy to them. Energy is not separated by time and space like humans are. It has the ability to travel in different planes the same way spiritual beings do. 

A Reiki practitioner channels energy from the Universe, they also send it to others using the same Universe.

Reiki Distance Healing Symbol: Hon sha ze sho nen

A Buddhist Monk named Usui Mikao discovered Reiki. During the discovery process he had numerous sacred symbols reveled to him while meditating. 

The symbols when drawn enhance the power of Reiki. 

Each level of Reiki training has different symbols you learn during the process. Once you have completed the training and are attuned the symbol is activated into your life. Reiki practitioners believe that the only way the symbols can be used to their fullest ability is if you are attuned into them. 

Reiki Symbols

Hon sha ze sho nen is the name for the Reiki Distance Symbol. This symbol gives a Reiki practitioner the ability to heal from a distance.

Being able to send healing energy from any location gives the practitioner the ability to heal people that may not be reachable. This may be because they are in a hospital or in a lock down situation because of a pandemic.

How practitioners use the symbols varies from person to person. Some will look at a picture of the symbol before they practice as a way to activate it. Others will draw it in the air in an exact sequence, feeling that as they do so they are becoming one with the symbol and what it’s intended to do.

Sending Healing Energy to Someone

I am now going to explain how I do Reiki distance healing. I’m doing this because Reiki practitioners can vary on how they do distance healing.

I like to let the recipient know the exact time I intend to perform the session. I ask them to try to be alone and in a relaxed position. Laying on a bed with their eyes closed is good.

If I’m home I will perform the session in my Reiki studio.

Before the session starts there a a few steps that I do to prepare.   

  1. As with any session, I will smudge the area to clear out any negative energy.   
  2. I do a Reiki scan of my own body and focus on any areas that need healing.
  3. Meditate for a few moments. 
  4. Look at a photo of the person I’ll be performing the session on. If I don’t have a photo I will write their name down on a piece of paper. I also speak their name out loud. I do this to help me focus on them.
  5. Set the intention of what I want to accomplish. This may be in relation to a specific request by the recipient.
  6. Prepare my Reiki/massage table. I often use crystals while doing distance Reiki. I will lay pre-selected crystals out on my table in the approximate locations of a person’s Chakras. This helps give me a better visual of the recipient. Crystals will also enhance the session with their healing qualities.
  7. Pray and ask my spirit guides to be with me and bless the upcoming session. I also ask them to aid me in the process.
  8. When it is time for the session to begin I rub my hands together to warm them up then slowly pull them apart and feel the energy start to flow.  
  9. I now will draw in the air above the Crown Chakra (represented by a Quartz crystal) three Reiki Symbols. First, I draw the Master symbol. This symbol is used exclusively by Reiki Masters. It is called Dai Ko Myo and translates to “Great Shining Light”. This Symbol unifies all the other symbols and gives the practitioner a much deeper connection to the Universal Life Energy. Second, I draw the Distance Symbol, Hon She Ze Sho Nen, translated “Across past, present, and future.” This symbol increases the practitioners ability to reach out across space and time. Third, I draw the Power Symbol, Cho Ku Rea, which translates to “Focus the energy of the universe here.” 
  10. Now I go forward with the session the same way I would if the the recipient where physically there. 

Sending healing energy to a person through Reiki feels the same for the practitioner as it would if the recipient where present. If I close my eyes as my hands are hovering above the crystals I can feel the person I’m connected to. I can sense their Chakras and energy flow. The Divine also guides me to areas of their body that need attention. 

What Does it Feel Like to Receive Reiki

Receiving Reiki, whether in person or from a distance, feels the same way. Recipients may have sensations of being cold or hot. Their skin may tingle. They may enter a deeper state of meditation. The recipient may feel so relaxed that they fall asleep. And they may not feel much of anything at all. 

Every session has the potential of being completely different. The key is trusting that the Reiki energy is doing exactly what it is intended to do. Remember Reiki energy is pure and it comes from a place of love.

What to Expect After a Reiki Session

After a Reiki session you may experience some side effects. These are normal. The reason for side effects is because you have altered your bodies energy field.

For instance, you may of had a heart chakra that was out of balance. The practitioner worked on the chakra during the session and now it is rotating as it should. Your body now has to adjust to this change. Depending on how long you had energy issues you may feel side effects for a day or two.

Side effects may include fatigue, mood swings, tingling sensations, and in some cases mild digestion issues.

Drink water, get plenty of rest, and take time to meditate and get a feel for your newly balanced body. These side effects will pass and in time you will feel much better.


Final Thoughts

Sending healing energy to others is possible to do no matter where your recipient is. According to the theory of Quantum Entanglement how far you can send it is limitless. 

One of the wonderful things about Distance Reiki is it can be used by someone who needs a session and doesn’t have direct access to a practitioner in their area. It is also a way to receive Reiki from a specific practitioner no matter where they are. 

P.S. Imagine receiving Distance Reiki from someone while they are standing in the middle of an Energy Vortex! I plan on offering this experience via Distance Reiki in the future, say tuned 😉

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