Discover the Power of Cho Ku Rei: The Reiki Symbol for Protection and Strength

Today, we delve into one of Reiki’s most powerful and revered symbols. The Reiki symbol for protection and power: Cho Ku Rei. Often referred to as the ‘Power Symbol,’ Cho Ku Rei is a key that unlocks a deeper understanding and application of Reiki energy, especially in the realms of protection and empowerment.

As a Reiki practitioner or someone learning of the many benefits of reiki, you may have encountered Cho Ku Rei in various contexts, appreciating its simplicity yet marveling at its depth. This symbol, with its spiraling lines and encompassing energy, is not just an emblem but a tool—a tool that enhances, focuses, and directs the flow of energy. It’s like a wise guide, leading us through the nuanced pathways of energy work, offering its strength and shield when we need it most.

In this exploration, we’ll rediscover Cho Ku Rei, understanding its multifaceted role and how it extends beyond the traditional Reiki session into daily life, offering protection, clarity, and a profound sense of grounding. We will also give step by step instructions on how to draw and activate the Reiki symbol for protection.

Let’s look at Cho Ku Rei. 

Understanding Cho Ku Rei

In Reiki practice, tracing the lines of Cho Ku Rei with your hands or envisioning it during sessions is a familiar exercise. This symbol, often depicted as a coil or spiral, is imbued with the power to focus and amplify Reiki energy. Deepening our understanding of this potent emblem reveals its significant role in directing healing energy.

The Essence of the Symbol

Cho Ku Rei, which translates to “Place the power of the universe here,” acts as a directive to channel energy precisely where it’s needed. The design’s simplicity – a coiled line leading to a straight stroke – symbolizes the dynamic yet directed nature of energy. It’s a visual representation of energy’s cyclical flow, harnessed and guided by intention.

The Reiki Symbol for Protection

Each curve and line of Cho Ku Rei is laden with intention. When you draw or visualize this symbol, it’s an act of summoning and focusing the universe’s boundless energy. This practice serves as a powerful reminder of the energy we harness and channel in Reiki – an ever-present force awaiting our direction for healing, protection, and balance.

The History of Cho Ku Rei

Cho Ku Rei has been integral to Reiki since its early days. While its usage and interpretation have evolved, the symbol’s core purpose as a conduit for directing energy has remained constant. It stands as a pillar in the Reiki tradition, a lineage of healers and practitioners who have each contributed to its legacy while preserving its foundational essence.

Cho Ku Rei is more than just a familiar aspect of Reiki; it’s a key to unlocking deeper layers of energy work. As a beacon of power and potential, it reminds practitioners of the immense energy they have at their disposal – energy that can be focused for the greater good, particularly in the realm of protection.

Exploring the Applications of Cho Ku Rei in Reiki

For those familiar with Reiki, Cho Ku Rei likely needs no introduction – it’s a symbol you’ve probably used time and again. But even if you’re relatively new to the world of Reiki, understanding the diverse applications of Cho Ku Rei can be a fascinating and enriching part of your journey.

While Cho Ku Rei is renowned for its protective qualities, its uses extend far beyond creating energetic shields. It’s a multifunctional tool that can be harnessed in various aspects of Reiki practice.

Cleansing Spaces and Energies

Imagine Cho Ku Rei as an energetic purifier. Using this symbol can help cleanse and sanctify your environment. It’s particularly useful in preparing a space for healing work, ensuring that the area is clear of any negative or stagnant energies. Think of it as setting the stage for a clean, balanced healing session.

Empowering Other Reiki Symbols

One of Cho Ku Rei’s unique abilities is to amplify the power of other Reiki symbols. It acts as a booster, enhancing the effectiveness and intensity of symbols used for specific purposes, like emotional healing (Sei He Ki) or distant healing (Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen). For those newer to Reiki, incorporating Cho Ku Rei with other symbols can deepen your understanding of how they interconnect and enhance each other’s properties.

Focusing Energy Precisely

Whether you’re an experienced Reiki practitioner or just beginning to explore its possibilities, you’ll find Cho Ku Rei invaluable for directing energy to specific areas. It helps concentrate the healing energy where it’s most needed, be it a physical injury or an emotional issue. This targeted approach ensures that the Reiki energy you channel is as effective and precise as possible.

Channeling Energy During a Reiki Session

Understanding and utilizing Cho Ku Rei’s versatility can significantly enrich your Reiki practice. It’s a testament to the symbol’s power and a reminder of the depth and breadth of possibilities that Reiki offers. Embracing Cho Ku Rei in its full capacity can open new avenues in your journey of energy healing, adding layers of depth to your practice and the healing you offer.

Cho Ku Rei Reiki Symbol for Protection

In the realm of Reiki, Cho Ku Rei is often called upon as a guardian, a symbol that envelops us in a cloak of energetic protection. Understanding how Cho Ku Rei serves as a shield can be a powerful aspect of your healing practice.

The Shield of Cho Ku Rei

At its heart, Cho Ku Rei is about directing energy – and this includes creating barriers against negative or harmful energies. Imagine the symbol as a sentinel, standing guard and warding off unwanted influences. When you draw or visualize Cho Ku Rei with the intention of protection, you are essentially setting up an energetic boundary. It’s like casting a safety net around yourself, a space, or even another person, to keep the good in and the bad out.

Understanding Energetic Protection

Energetic protection is a key concept in many spiritual and healing practices, including Reiki. It’s the idea that our energy, or aura, can be influenced by external forces – both positive and negative. Energetic protection is about maintaining the integrity of your own energy field. Cho Ku Rei acts as a tool in this process, helping to reinforce your energetic boundaries and maintain your personal space’s sanctity.

The Protective Power of Cho Ku Rei

The activation of Cho Ku Rei for protection involves more than just drawing the symbol. It requires a focused intention. You might use Cho Ku Rei at the beginning of a Reiki session to safeguard the space, or in your daily life, when you feel the need for extra shielding. The symbol can be envisioned surrounding your home or loved ones, acting as a barrier against negativity or harm.

Engaging with the energy in your living space

The use of Cho Ku Rei for protection is a testament to the symbol’s versatile power. It’s not just a passive mark; it’s an active force that engages with the energy around and within us. Understanding and utilizing Cho Ku Rei as a protective force adds a robust layer to your healing toolkit. It’s a reminder of the strength and sanctuary that can be found within the practice of Reiki, offering peace of mind and a sense of security in your journey of energy work.

Bringing Cho Ku Rei into Everyday Life

Cho Ku Rei, with its profound implications in the practice of Reiki, isn’t confined to the therapy room. This symbol of power and protection can be a constant companion in your daily life, offering its strength and support in various everyday situations.

A Symbol for All Moments

For those familiar with Reiki, integrating Cho Ku Rei into your routine can be as natural as morning meditation or evening gratitude practices. But even if you’re new to Reiki, learning to incorporate Cho Ku Rei can be a simple yet impactful addition to your daily rituals.

Everyday Protection

Imagine starting your day by visualizing Cho Ku Rei surrounding you, setting a protective boundary as you step out into the world. It can be a quiet moment in the morning where you draw the symbol in the air or over your heart, reinforcing your energetic shield. In moments of stress or when entering challenging environments, mentally invoking Cho Ku Rei can help maintain your energy’s equilibrium, keeping you grounded and secure.

Empowering Your Intentions

Cho Ku Rei can also be a tool for empowerment. Before an important meeting, a challenging task, or even during a creative endeavor, visualize or draw Cho Ku Rei to boost your confidence and focus. It’s like flipping a switch, turning on your inner power and clarity, helping you to channel your energies more effectively.

Tips for Invoking Cho Ku Rei

  1. For Reiki practitioners, integrate Cho Ku Rei into your self-treatment. Use it to clear and protect your space before you begin and to seal the energy after you finish.
  1. If you’re new to Reiki, start by familiarizing yourself with the symbol. Look at images or representations of Cho Ku Rei, and try drawing it yourself. Feel its shape and form, and connect with its energy.
  1. Remember, the power of Cho Ku Rei is amplified by your intention. Whether you’re drawing it physically or visualizing it mentally, focus on what you wish to achieve – be it protection, empowerment, or clarity.

Integrating Cho Ku Rei in Reiki Healing Sessions

For Reiki practitioners, the Cho Ku Rei symbol is a powerful ally in the healing journey, not only for the client but also for the healer. Its integration into sessions enhances the depth and effectiveness of the healing process, creating a space of enhanced safety and focused energy.

Making the Cho Ku Rei symbol with stones

A Symbol of Safety and Focus

Incorporating the Reiki symbol for protection at the beginning of a session is akin to laying the foundations for a protected healing environment. Practitioners often use Cho Ku Rei to cleanse the space, effectively clearing the environment of any negative or stagnant energies. It’s like casting a protective bubble around the session area, ensuring that the healing process is free from external disturbances. This ritual not only purifies the space but also helps clients feel secure and more open to receiving healing energy.

Amplifying the Healing Energy

During the session, Cho Ku Rei can be employed to intensify the healing energy. Practitioners may draw the symbol over specific areas of the client’s body that require extra attention, channeling a more concentrated flow of energy to these spots. It’s like turning up the volume on the healing process, ensuring that the energy is potent and precise.

For practitioners and enthusiasts in the Reiki community, the Cho Ku Rei symbol stands as a beacon of focused energy and healing. Whether you’ve been practicing Reiki for years or are newly introduced to its principles, integrating Cho Ku Rei into your practice can significantly enhance your healing capabilities.

Embracing the Essence of Cho Ku Rei

Cho Ku Rei transcends being a mere symbol; it embodies a potent energy force within the Reiki practice. Its true power is unlocked not just through learning its shape but through understanding and connecting with its deeper essence. This symbol is a cornerstone in any Reiki practitioner’s toolkit, known for its ability to concentrate and amplify the flow of energy.

For those who are new to Reiki, the concept of attunement is crucial in deepening your connection with symbols like Cho Ku Rei. Though you might be familiar with this process, its importance cannot be overstated. It acts as a gateway, an initiation by a Reiki master that opens up your channels to access and channel Reiki energy more effectively. This initiation is when the true understanding and connection with symbols like the Reiki symbol for protection begin to take root.

Drawing and Activating The Reiki Symbol for Protection

Post-attunement, your journey with Cho Ku Rei takes on a more profound significance. It involves more than memorizing its form; it’s about letting its energy resonate through you. Regularly drawing or visualizing the Reiki symbol for protection, while setting clear intentions, helps strengthen your bond with its energy. This practice is akin to fine-tuning an instrument, ensuring each use resonates with purpose and harmony.

Learning to draw Cho Ku Rei and effectively using it in your Reiki practice can significantly enhance the flow of energy, whether for healing, protection, or empowerment. Here’s a guide on how to draw this powerful symbol and incorporate it into your Reiki sessions.

Step-by-Step Guide to Drawing Cho Ku Rei

1. Start with the Top Horizontal Line:

Begin by drawing a horizontal line from right to left.

Drawing the Cho Ku Rei Reiki protection symbol

2. The Vertical Line:

Next at the end of the first line draw a line vertically downwards about twice as long as the first line.

3. The Coil:

Finally at the end of the of the vertical line draw a counterclockwise coil upward into the second line for three rotations.

4. Intention is Key:

As you draw Cho Ku Rei, focus on your intention. Whether it’s for healing a specific part of the body, cleansing a space, or creating a protective barrier, your intention will guide the energy.

Activating the Cho Ku Rei Symbol

1. Activating the Symbol:

Once drawn, you can activate Cho Ku Rei by saying its name three times, either aloud or in your mind, while focusing on your intention.

2. In Healing Sessions:

In a Reiki session, draw Cho Ku Rei over the area you’re treating. This could be over a specific part of the body or the entire body for overall balance and protection.

3. For Personal Use:

Use Cho Ku Rei in your daily life for personal energy cleansing or protection. Draw it in the air in front of you or visualize it in your mind’s eye before starting your day or entering a situation where you need extra strength.

4. Cleansing Spaces:

To cleanse a room or space, draw Cho Ku Rei in each corner of the room. This helps in clearing out negative energies and ensures the space is energetically balanced.

5. Enhancing Other Reiki Practices:

Cho Ku Rei can be used to amplify the effects of other Reiki symbols and practices. Draw it before using other symbols to enhance their power and effectiveness.

Remember, the more you work with Cho Ku Rei, the stronger your connection to the symbol will become. Practice drawing and activating it regularly, and observe how it enhances your Reiki practice, bringing a deeper sense of clarity and potency to your healing journey.

Red Cho Ku Rei Symbol


As we conclude our exploration of the Reiki symbol for protection: Cho Ku Rei, it’s clear that this symbol is much more than a mere component of Reiki practice. It is a powerful ally, a source of strength, protection, and focus. Whether you’re a seasoned Reiki practitioner or just beginning your journey in energy healing, Cho Ku Rei offers a pathway to deepen your connection with Reiki’s transformative energy.

Cho Ku Rei transcends the boundaries of being a simple tool; it embodies the essence of directed and amplified healing. Its spiral design and the energy it represents are integral to enhancing the efficacy of your practice, be it in healing sessions, personal empowerment, or protecting your energy space.

Embracing Cho Ku Rei is to embrace a deeper understanding of Reiki and the interconnectedness of energy and intention. As you continue to integrate this powerful symbol into your practice, may it bring you a greater sense of clarity, purpose, and harmony in your journey with Reiki.

Let the Cho Ku Rei be a constant reminder of the potent force within you and the boundless energy that surrounds us all, guiding you towards a path of balanced energy, profound healing, and personal growth.

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