Reiki Retreats: 10 Serene Reiki Retreats from Around the World in 2023 and 2024

The Importance of Self-Care and Spiritual Growth

In today’s bustling environment, prioritizing self-care can sometimes slip through the cracks. Amidst our commitments—whether work-related, familial, or personal—it can seem challenging to carve out moments just for ourselves. This is precisely where the value of a Reiki retreat shines through.

A Reiki retreat offers a dedicated space for introspection and healing, much like a sanctuary from the daily hustle and bustle. It’s an invitation to momentarily step away from routine distractions and immerse oneself in a holistic healing journey.

Reiki, a time-honored healing method, focuses on harmonizing the body’s internal energies. Participating in a retreat centered on such a practice provides a unique opportunity to rejuvenate both mentally and spiritually.

Outdoor Yoga Class at a Reiki Retreat

It’s essential to perceive such retreats not as mere indulgences, but as vital investments in one’s well-being. By dedicating this time to oneself, we are better equipped to navigate life’s intricacies with clarity and resilience. Taking this pause is less about distancing from life and more about enhancing our capacity to embrace it fully. Consider a Reiki retreat as a meaningful step towards achieving this balance.

What is a Reiki Retreat

What exactly is a Reiki retreat? It’s more than just a brief escape from daily life. Consider it a profound personal investment, a journey inward. A Reiki retreat offers a chance to delve deeply into the world of Reiki energy, fostering a rich connection and understanding. Regardless of where you stand on your Reiki journey—whether a seasoned practitioner or a curious newcomer—a retreat serves as a dedicated space to fully immerse yourself. Beyond just honing skills or exploring new techniques, it’s about immersing in a transformative experience that resonates on both a personal and spiritual level.

By dedicating this time to yourself, you’re not only seeking balance and healing but also opening the door to fresh perspectives, renewed vitality, and deeper connections with the world around you. It’s an enriching step, one that promises to amplify the harmony and clarity in your life.

Why Keep Reading

You’ll find there are countless retreats around the globe offering Reiki training and therapies. However, the sheer number of choices can be overwhelming. That’s where this blog post comes in. We’ve sifted through numerous options to bring you a curated list of the top 10 Reiki retreats in the USA and some other countries. We’ll cover retreats that cater to a range of needs—from luxurious escapes to affordable, community-focused options. Each retreat on this list has been evaluated based on the expertise of the Reiki Masters, quality of the facilities, variety of Reiki courses offered, and overall experience.

So, whether you’re a seasoned practitioner or a complete beginner, read on to find the perfect Reiki retreat for your needs.

Selection Criteria

When curating this top 10 list of Reiki retreats, a range of criteria was meticulously applied. The objective was to ensure every choice would offer an enriching, holistic experience perfect for both Reiki newcomers and seasoned enthusiasts. Let’s delve into the parameters that guided these  selections:

Reiki Essentials

At the heart of every retreat featured is Reiki. Whether it’s one-on-one sessions helmed by acclaimed Reiki Masters or comprehensive workshops catering to various stages of Reiki expertise, each retreat guarantees a profound Reiki immersion. It’s not just about the treatment but also the knowledge and understanding that these places bring to the table.

Reiki Self Healing Class

Length of Stay

I’ve spotlighted retreats that have programs ranging from 3 to 7 days. This time frame strikes an ideal balance: long enough to truly disconnect from daily stresses and immerse oneself in a transformative healing space, yet short enough not to demand an overly extended break from personal or professional responsibilities.

Location Variety

Geographical diversity was crucial in this compilation. While many of the retreats—seven, to be precise—are nestled in the diverse landscapes of the U.S., I’ve also woven in three gems from abroad. These international options are not just about global representation, but they also cater to those yearning to pair their Reiki exploration with a travel adventure. Additionally, they offer intriguing insights into how Reiki is practiced and perceived in different cultural contexts.

Mindfulness Pairing

Reiki’s potency is often amplified when synergized with other wellness modalities. Recognizing this, every retreat on this list seamlessly integrates Reiki with complementary guided meditation and mindfulness exercises. These additional components do more than just enhance the Reiki sessions; they ensure participants leave with an elevated sense of holistic well-being, with tools and techniques they can integrate into their daily lives.

By using this guideline, we’ve handpicked a versatile selection of Reiki retreats. Each promises not only top-tier Reiki experiences but also a nurturing environment perfectly attuned for comprehensive mental, physical, and spiritual rejuvenation.

Let’s get into it shall we?

Receiving Reiki in an Serene Outdoor Setting

10 Upcomming Reiki Retreats in 2023 and 2024

  1. Blissful Vitality Respite at Hacienda Mimar (Temecula, California, USA)

Located in Temecula’s upscale De Luz community, Hacienda Mimar offers the “Blissful Vitality Respite,” a serene four-day, three-night retreat set against the backdrop of a Spanish-Mediterranean countryside with panoramic views of the Palomar Mountains and the Santa Rosa Plateau. This retreat stands out with its blend of contemporary and Mediterranean design, and offers a comprehensive wellness experience that includes group meditation, morning yoga, spa treatments, and a Boho brunch picnic. A highlight is the one-hour Reiki Energy Healing session, ensuring participants not just physical but also spiritual rejuvenation. The retreat, priced based on group size, is just a short drive from Temecula’s Old Town and renowned wineries. The Blissful Vitality Respite at Hacienda Mimar provides a balanced combination of relaxation and mindfulness, anchored by the transformative experience of Reiki energy healing.

Dates:  Flexible Open dates for the year of 2024

Participants: Groups of 6-10


Group size of 6 – $1554 USD per person plus tax

Group size of 8 – $1434 USD per person plus tax

Group size of 10 – $1314 USD per person plus tax

Link to booking:

  1. Healing the Healer Retreat (Wappingers Falls, New York, USA)

Designed specifically for women in roles of caregiving, teaching, healing, or artistry, the “Healing the Healer” retreat, set in Sara Hart’s home studio, offers a holistic healing experience. Founded by Sara Hart of iHART Lens and facilitated by experts like Brooke Gutierrez and Drew Campbell, the retreat delves deep into practices of yoga, art, and energy healing, emphasizing the unique theme of “healing the healer.” Participants will indulge in daily guided meditations, yoga sessions that transcend physical postures, nature-connected walking meditations, and reflective art experiences. A standout feature is the Reiki energy healing, integrated seamlessly into the retreat to balance the mind, body, and spirit. Accommodating all skill levels, the retreat provides four nights of stay, two vegetarian meals daily, and emphasizes Nidra Yoga’s relaxation techniques. The retreat is an invitation to solo women travelers seeking both physical and spiritual rejuvenation.

Dates: Flexible Open Dates for both the end of 2023 and 2024. 

Group Size: Maximum of 1 participants

Pricing: $1550 USD per person

Link to booking:

  1.  Ascending the Mystical Mountain: Sonic Tibetan Healing Journey (Phoenicia, New York, USA)

“Ascending the Mystical Mountain: Sonic Tibetan Healing Journey” is a retreat harmonizing ancient Tibetan rituals with the profound vibrations of Reiki-infused sound healing. Spearheaded by Lama Lhanang Rinpoche from the Tibetan Nyingma lineage and sound healers Swami Laraaji NadaBrahmananda and Arji OceAnanda Cakouros, this journey deepens the connection between traditional practices and Reiki energy. Participants engage in daily Tibetan yoga, meditation, and the Healing Chod practice, a spiritual path enhanced by Feminine Wisdom energy. The Tibetan fire puja, a transformative ceremony, complements the Reiki-inspired sonically-supported meditative sessions, promoting deep healing and equilibrium. Laughter yoga provides a Reiki-energized release, leading to profound relaxation. A highlight includes private tandem sound healing sessions with Laraaji and Arji, both deeply rooted in Reiki traditions. Here, participants experience deep relaxation, being bathed in mystical sounds that amplify Reiki’s power, guiding them into their meditative consciousness. This retreat emphasizes the interplay between ancient practices and Reiki’s transformative energy, offering participants a unique path to spiritual elevation.

Dates: July 3-7 2024

Group Size: Minimum of 1 participants

Pricing: $976 USD – $2,664 USD per person

Accommodation: Included

Link to booking:

  1. 3 Day Reiki Training: Signs, Symbols & Dreams (Pollock Pines, California, USA)

Nestled in the Sierra Nevada mountains near Lake Tahoe, the “3 Day Reiki Training: Signs, Symbols & Dreams” retreat offers an in-depth introduction to Usui Reiki levels I and II. Led by Dr. Sanderovsky, with a diverse background in energy healing from the U.S., Asia, and Africa, participants will gain insights into the world of Reiki and its interconnectedness with universal symbols and dreams. The retreat’s setting on a 20-acre eco-lodge ensures a blend of focused training. Beyond the core Reiki training, the retreat is a sanctuary of rejuvenation with offerings such as meditation, yoga, and unique therapies like the Himalayan Salt Cave, sensory deprivation float tank, and state-of-the-art 4D massage chair.This all-inclusive retreat runs year-round, catering to individuals or groups, and balances rigorous learning with a refreshing escape.

Dates: Flexible Open Dates for 2023 and 2024

Group Size: Minimum of 1 up to 10 participants 

Pricing: $999 USD – $1559 USD per person

Accommodation: Included

Link to booking:

  1. Reiki Rest & Restore (Silver Bay, New York, USA)

Rediscover peace and rejuvenation at the “Reiki Rest & Restore” weekend retreat, perfectly nestled within the scenic confines of the Silver Bay YMCA Conference & Family Retreat Center. The retreat is cradled by the placid waters of Lake George in Silver Bay, NY, creating an environment that immediately calms the senses. Organized under the expert guidance of Ripple Effect Spiritual Therapies and Rock & Soul Wellness, this weekend is crafted with precision, offering a multitude of activities. Focus on movement, embrace the therapeutic allure of art, find tranquility in meditation, and immerse yourself in the restorative vibrations of sound baths. Enjoy profound and deeply connecting reiki shares that are sure to resonate with your spirit. This retreat embraces all, ensuring an inclusive and enlightening experience. All your culinary needs from Friday evening to Sunday mid-day are taken care of, with delicious meals that add to the holistic experience. 

Dates: October 27-29 20 2023

Group size: Minimum of 1 participant

Pricing: $159 USD per person

Accommodation: Not Included

Link to Booking:

  1. Soulshine Yoga Holiday (Panama City Beach, Florida, USA)

Dive deep into a transformative experience with the “Soulshine Yoga Holiday,” spread across four blissful days in the radiant embrace of Florida’s sun. Organized by the renowned Full Lotus Yoga Studio, the venue couldn’t be more inspiring – right at the edge of the azure ocean. This isn’t just a retreat; it’s an intimate gathering that prioritizes the magic of Reiki shares. Here, participants come together to exchange not just energy, but personal journeys, insights, and transformative experiences. Beyond the profound Reiki sessions, each day is sprinkled with enriching activities: Yoga Nidra for deep relaxation, soul-stirring beachfront ceremonies that resonate with the rhythm of the waves, and powerful somatic healing experiences designed to release and renew.The setting encourages bonding, allowing you to forge meaningful connections with fellow attendees, each sharing a quest for spiritual growth. Whether you’re just beginning your Reiki journey or have been a practitioner for years, the “Soulshine Yoga Holiday” is an invitation to a deeper understanding, a closer connection to your soul, and a rejuvenated spirit.

Dates: February 29 – March 3 2024

Group Size: Minimum 1 participant

Pricing: $1032 USD – $1239 USD 

Accommodation: Not Included

Link to Booking:

  1. 3- Day Heal Yourself and Others Reiki Retreat (Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, USA)

Next we have the “3-Day Heal Yourself and Others Reiki Retreat” in South Carolina, curated for practitioners and teachers of all backgrounds. Guided by the globally-renowned Reiki master, Frans Stiene, this retreat melds traditional Japanese Reiki practices with the foundational teachings of Mikao Usui. Engage in purification, Reiju, hands-on healing, visualization and chanting meditations, and more. Participants often describe profound internal shifts, deepened interconnectedness, and renewed comprehension of Reiki. With over two decades of experience and continuous training, including with a Japanese priest, Frans brings a joyful, immersive, and transformative approach to teaching. Embrace this unique opportunity for rejuvenation, depth, and enlightenment.

Dates: April 19-24 2024

Group Size: Minimum 1 participant 

Pricing: $575 USD per person

Accommodation: Not Included

Link to Booking:

  1. 4 Day Reiki Initiation & Yoga Retreat (San Martin, Peru)

Discover the power of Reiki during a 4-day retreat at Tambo Ilusion in the Peruvian Amazon. Under Johanne’s guidance, delve into Reiki’s ancient healing practices, known for its stress-relief and rejuvenation capabilities. This intimate retreat, limited to 4 participants, offers attunements to the first degree of Reiki, complemented by gentle yoga, guided meditations, and nature immersion.Experience the beauty of the conservation area and an herbal bath to further facilitate your Reiki attunement process. The balanced training structure provided ample personal time, allowing for deep connection with the captivating natural surroundings. Experience nutritious meals, explore the conservation area, and embrace an herbal bath to enhance your Reiki journey. By the end, you’ll be equipped to channel this holistic energy for yourself and others. 

Dates: Flexible Open Dates for 2023 and 2024

Group Size: Minimum of 1 participants

Pricing: $1090 USD – $1760 USD per person

Accommodation: Included (Max 2 person per room)

Link to Booking:[chosen-option][0]=0

  1. 7 Day Reiki Healing and Yoga Retreat (Hambantota, Sri Lanka)

The transformative 7-day retreat at Hidden Garden, Tangalle, is where the serene landscapes merge with the tranquility of the nearby beach. Dive deep into Reiki’s healing realms with initiations into levels I and II, complemented by daily Vinyasa and Yin yoga sessions. Reiki, a profound energy-based healing modality, offers both in-person and distance healing techniques, augmented by insightful theory classes. In Reiki I, participants will learn self-healing techniques and how to heal others in their physical presence. Reiki level II will deepen your Reiki knowledge and provide you with tools to work with Reiki energy from a distance. You will learn how to perform distant healing to aid those who are not physically present. This rejuvenating experience seamlessly integrates the strength and flexibility of Vinyasa with the deep relaxation of Yin yoga, all set against the idyllic backdrop of Tangalle, providing you with a comprehensive approach to holistic well-being.


October 26 – November 1 2023

December 2 – 8 2023

January 20 – 26 2024

February 19 – 25 2024

Group Size: Maximum 8 Participants

Pricing: $860 USD – $1627 USD

Accommodation: Included

Link to Booking:

  1. 5 Day Reiki Certification and Yoga Retreat (Pescosolido, Italy)

Delve into a comprehensive 5-day journey combining Yoga and Reiki at the serene Abruzzo National Park in Italy. Hosted by the renowned Italy Farm Stay, this retreat nestles you in the embrace of a mountainside farm, where the serenity of nature meets authentic Italian charm. Begin each day with an invigorating Hatha yoga session, priming you for deep dives into Reiki’s healing art. The course covers the essentials of Reiki I, emphasizing self-therapy, chakra understanding, and self-healing practices. Reiki II deepens this knowledge, introducing distance healing, aura purification, and animal healing techniques. Between your transformative sessions, lose yourself in the enchanting Italian forests, engage with local traditions, and indulge in home-cooked Italian delicacies. It’s not just a retreat; it’s an immersion into holistic well-being amidst Italy’s captivating landscapes.

Dates: Flexible dates for 2023 and 2024

Group Size: Maximum of 4 participants

Pricing: From $810 USD

Accommodation: Included

Link to Booking:

Reiki Retreat in a Beautiful Setting


As we conclude our journey through the top ten Reiki retreats, it’s clear that each destination offers a unique blend of healing, self-discovery, and connection to the world’s energy. Whether you’re drawn to the serene landscapes of Italy or the tranquil vibes of a secluded island, there’s a retreat on this list tailored to your spiritual needs. In a world bustling with distractions, taking the time to immerse oneself in a Reiki retreat can be a transformative experience. Remember, the path to inner harmony and balance is a journey, not a destination—and these retreats are the perfect waypoints on your holistic voyage.

If you know of someone who would be interested in one or more of these Reiki Retreats please share this and other informative articles from this blog with them. 🙂

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