Reiki Prayer: Discover How You Can Elevate Your Reiki Practice With Prayer

“Every morning and evening join your hands in prayer, pray these words to your heart and chant these words with your mouth. Just for today, do not anger, do not worry and be filled with gratitude. Devote yourself to your work and be kind to people.”  Usui Mikao Reiki founder.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a healing art and spiritual tradition that grew out of Japanese culture. It is a form of alternative therapy that involves the practitioner laying their hands on or near the recipient to help promote healing and balance in the body. The practitioners become a conduit for Reiki (also known as Universal Life Energy) to flow into themselves or another recipient. This Universal Life Energy is the same energy that gives us and all things around us life. It exists in all things.

What is Prayer?

Prayer, in its most basic definition, is a person expressing themselves to the divine. It’s a belief that there is a higher power listening. That could be a God, angels, saints or passed loved ones. It can have many different structures. Prayer can be a petition or request for help, protection or guidance. Prayer can be in the form of thanksgiving, praise, or worship. Prayers can also be a way to invite the Divine (a term I use for all spiritual beings) into your life. 

Prayer can be structured, such as the Lord’s Prayer used in Christian practices or the Five Reiki Principles used by Reiki practitioners. It can also simply be a person speaking with the Divine as if they are a trusted friend.

Objects can be used in Prayer

People may use objects to complement their prayer practice. These can help them feel a deeper connection to the divine. 

People may light a candle. They can use beads such as a Rosary or Japamala. They may use Reiki Bracelets. Individuals may also have an altar in their home or office where they collect items that hold special spiritual significance for them. These items may be a cross, crystals, herbs, or a statue of a religious figure such as Buddha, Jesus, Ganesha, or the Virgin Mary.

Prayer altar

The Five Reiki Principles 

  • Just for Today,
  • I will be grateful
  • I will not worry
  • I will not be angry
  • I will work honestly
  • I will be kind to all living things

These five principles, also known as Gokai, are a guide for the lives of those who practice Reiki. Many incorporate them into their daily prayers and recite them throughout the day as a reminder of how they are to live their lives. Over time the principles become a part of who you are and how you live your life. 

Meditation and Reiki Prayer

In other articles we have discussed meditation and its benefits while practicing or receiving Reiki. I firmly believe that prayer, meditation, and Reiki all go hand in hand. Meditation is looking within, it also is a way of listening. Prayer as we discussed earlier is a way of expressing. Imagine trying to have a conversation with someone and they ask you a bunch of questions but never give you the opportunity to respond. This is why when I pray I try to set aside time to sit and meditate so I can listen for the Divines response. 

person meditating

Reiki Prayer

Not all Reiki practitioners pray. That being said many of us do. A Reiki Prayer can be something like this.

Reiki Prayer

Many practitioners of Reiki will also tap into the Universal Life Energy while they pray because it helps them feel more connected to the Divine. While doing this they can also use the Reiki Symbols to magnify their prayer experience. For instance using the Reiki Distance Symbol (Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen) to reach out to a specific spiritual entity can enhance your feeling of connection with them.

During a Reiki session we want to invite the Divine to be with us and guide our hands to where the recipient needs the energy most. We also want to remain humble in our practice and remember that the energy is from the universe and not of ourselves.

In my personal practice I pray that my spirit guides be with me while I channel Reiki. My desire is that everything I do comes from a place of love. Also that the energy does exactly what it is intended to do. Furthermore I request that the Divine be with the recipient and help them to be calm, at peace, and receptive to the healing. At the end of a session I express my gratitude to the Divine that they have blessed me with this gift.   


Prayer whether you are a practitioner or a recipient of Reiki is a wonderful way to be certain that your Reiki session goes in the direction that you want it to. Set your intention in your mind and trust you will be led accordingly.

You can enhance you Reiki and Prayer practices by using an opening reiki prayer before your healing session. You can journal and keep a reiki prayer list of things you hope to accomplish during your sessions. Also work on tailoring you prayers, try to get to the point where prayer is so natural to you that when you pray you feel like this is “My Reiki Prayer”.

Communication/prayer is key in any religious or spiritual practice. So don’t be scared speak up and let your requests be know by the Divine. 

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