Understanding Reiki Level 2: The Beauty of Formal Training and Where to Get It

In this exploration, not only will we touch upon the initial steps and the ultimate mastery in Reiki, but we’ll also dive deeply into the heart of our discourse: Reiki Level 2. This pivotal stage in a practitioner’s journey holds the key to expanding one’s healing abilities, connecting on a more profound emotional and mental level, and understanding the sacred symbols that are integral to advanced practice. The beauty of Reiki Level 2 is in its transformative power, and as we journey together, you’ll unravel its intricacies, significance, and the profound impact it can have on both the healer and the recipient.

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In the journey of life, sometimes the answers to our most profound prayers come in unexpected forms. My journey as an Usui Reiki Master began in such an unforeseen yet deeply resonant manner. Amidst my earnest prayers for a more profound, intimate relationship with God – a bond that transcended the customary channels of worship – Reiki was introduced into my life. It wasn’t the specific answer I had anticipated, but in its subtle, powerful way, it echoed the Divine’s response to my call for deeper connection.

The initial encounter was unexpected and a complete surprise. While giving a massage, I felt a unique energy that I couldn’t quite put my finger on. To my amazement, the person I was massaging recognized it immediately as Reiki. Intrigued and captivated by this newfound spiritual gift, I felt an innate pull to delve deeper and truly understand its essence. This curiosity led me to seek formal training.

It’s a modern world, and the ways we can learn have expanded beyond traditional classrooms. I firmly believe that distance learning, when offered right, holds as much value as in-person training. To further this notion, attunements – a crucial component of Reiki training – can be effectively facilitated by a seasoned Reiki Master via Distance Reiki. It’s an authentic experience, rivaling the potency of direct, in-person sessions.

The Importance of Formal Training in Reiki

Embarking on a spiritual journey is akin to setting sail on vast, uncharted waters. There’s a thrill in discovering the unknown, but there’s also a beauty and depth to be found in understanding and mastery. This, dear reader, is where formal training in Reiki comes into play.

While my initial experience with Reiki was profound, it had a wild, untamed quality about it. I could sense the raw power and the spiritual connection, but harnessing it, understanding it, and truly being in sync with its essence was a different ballgame altogether.

Let me share a piece of my heart with you. When I decided to take up formal training in Reiki, it was like switching on a light in a room that I thought was already well-lit. I was introduced to techniques, principles, and a structured approach that added layers of depth to my practice. Concepts that were once nebulous became crystal clear. Techniques I was unaware of became second nature. It was an enlightening period, one that I am immensely grateful for.

Learning to channel Reiki Energy

My training enriched my understanding of energy, chakras, and the very philosophy that underpins Reiki. Every session, every class, and every meditation took me a step closer to becoming not just a practitioner, but a true conduit of this divine energy.

And here’s the truth, carved from my personal journey: while Reiki might enter one’s life as an unexpected gift, mastering it requires dedication, guidance, and structured learning. Whether this learning comes from a traditional classroom setting or a digital platform, the essence remains the same. The goal is to transform, to connect, and to heal – not just oneself, but others too.

So, if you’re standing at the crossroads of curiosity and commitment, wondering whether formal training is worth it, take it from someone who’s been there – it’s a journey worth every moment, every revelation, and every ounce of dedication.

The 3 Levels of Reiki

Every journey has its milestones, and in the realm of Reiki, these landmarks come in the form of the three distinct levels of mastery. Like stepping stones in a serene pond, each level of Reiki helps the practitioner wade deeper into the waters of understanding, healing, and spiritual connection.

1. Reiki Level 1: The Awakening

Reiki Level 1 Self Healing

Reiki Level 1 is often likened to the first rays of dawn — an awakening. At this foundational level, practitioners are introduced to the basic principles and techniques of Reiki. It’s a deeply personal phase, with a primary focus on self-healing and introspection. Through hands-on practice, one learns the art of channeling the universal life force energy to heal physical ailments and balance one’s energy centers or chakras.

2. Reiki Level 2: The Deepening

Reiki Level 2 Healing Others

As you step into Reiki Level 2, you’re crossing a pivotal bridge in your Reiki journey. This stage is characterized by a more profound connection, not only to the universal energy that surrounds us but also to our inner selves. While the foundational principles of Reiki remain consistent, the second level introduces nuances and depths that catapult a practitioner’s skills and understanding to new heights.

The heart of Reiki Level 2 revolves around the introduction and mastery of the sacred Reiki symbols. Each of these symbols carries a unique vibration and purpose. They serve as keys, unlocking diverse healing capabilities, enhancing the practitioner’s ability to channel energy more effectively, and most notably, allowing the healing process to transcend physical barriers through distance healing.

Another pivotal aspect of Reiki Level 2 is the progression from self-practice to administering Reiki to others. While the initial level focuses on self-healing and introspection, the second level prepares and empowers the practitioner to channel and direct this healing energy towards others. This is a significant shift – from internal healing to becoming a conduit for others’ well-being.

Furthermore, Reiki Level 2 delves deeper into the emotional and mental layers of healing. It’s not just about addressing the physical manifestations of imbalances but about reaching the root causes, many of which lie in our emotions, thoughts, and past traumas. This level equips the practitioner with tools and techniques to address these deeper layers, offering holistic healing that resonates on multiple planes of existence.

Additionally, Reiki Level 2 places a strong emphasis on distant healing, symbolizing that energy, love, and healing intentions know no boundaries. With the guidance of the Reiki symbols, practitioners can send healing energy across time and space, bridging gaps, mending wounds, and providing solace to those who might not be physically present.

In essence, Reiki Level 2 is a transformative phase, marking the transition from a budding practitioner to an adept healer. It’s a level where the journey becomes as inward as it is outward, and where the magic of Reiki truly begins to unfold in its myriad splendors.

3. Reiki Master/Teacher Level: The Embodiment

Reiki Level 3 Master and Teacher

The final stage in this trinity of learning, the Master or Teacher level, is where one fully embodies the essence of Reiki. It’s not just about personal healing or helping others; it’s about becoming a beacon of this divine energy. At this pinnacle, practitioners are equipped with the knowledge and skills to attune others to Reiki, passing on the legacy and spreading the light of healing to a broader audience.

In a nutshell, the three levels of Reiki offer a structured, progressive path to spiritual and healing mastery. From personal awakening to becoming a torchbearer of this ancient art, the journey is transformative, fulfilling, and profoundly enlightening.

How to Become Reiki Level 2 Certified

Embarking on the path to becoming Reiki Level 2 certified is a profound commitment to deepening one’s spiritual and healing journey. While each person’s experience can vary, there are foundational steps and guidelines that universally mark this transition. Here’s a roadmap to guide you through this transformative process:

1. Mastery of Reiki Level 1:

Before delving into the second level, it’s essential to have a firm grasp of the principles and practices of Reiki Level 1. This foundational knowledge ensures that you’re adequately prepared to absorb and apply the advanced teachings of Reiki Level 2.

2. Seek a Reiki Master:

Finding the right Reiki Master to guide you through the attunement and teachings of Level 2 is paramount. This spiritual journey benefits immensely from the wisdom, experience, and energy of a seasoned guide. Whether you opt for in-person classes or distance learning, the essence of the teachings remains consistent.

3. Undergo Reiki Level 2 Attunement:

The attunement process is a sacred ritual wherein a Reiki Master channels higher energy levels into the student, amplifying their ability to channel the universal life force energy. This process is pivotal for the introduction and mastery of the Reiki symbols specific to Level 2.

4. Comprehensive Study & Practice:

Once attuned, diving deep into the study of the Reiki symbols, their meanings, and applications is essential. Regular practice, both on oneself and others, reinforces the teachings and hones one’s skills as a healer.

5. Certification & Ethics:

Upon completion of the required study, practice, and any additional criteria set by your Reiki Master, you’ll receive your Reiki Level 2 certification. This certification not only acknowledges your skillset but also your commitment to the ethical practice of Reiki.

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Why You Need Reiki Attunement to Practice Reiki

Reiki, in its truest essence, is not just about learning techniques or reading from textbooks. It’s about a transformation – a powerful, spiritual transition that equips you to tap into the universal life force energy with heightened clarity, intensity, and intent. This transformation is facilitated by a process called ‘Reiki Attunement,’ and here’s why it’s indispensable:

1. Opening Energy Channels:
Reiki attunement works like a sacred initiation where a Reiki Master helps open and expand the student’s energy channels. This expansion allows a practitioner to connect more deeply and effectively with the universal life force energy, channeling it with amplified intensity.

2. Reiki Symbols Activation:
While knowledge of the Reiki symbols is crucial, their true power is unlocked only through attunement. During this process, these symbols get energetically imprinted onto the practitioner’s aura, readying them for effective use during healing sessions.

Reiki Power Symbol

3. Clearing Energy Blockages:
The attunement process also plays a significant role in clearing away blockages or obstacles within one’s energy channels. This purification ensures a smooth, unobstructed flow of energy, enhancing the healing capabilities of the practitioner.

4. Raising Vibrational Frequency:
Post-attunement, practitioners often report feeling a noticeable shift in their energy. This is due to the elevation of their vibrational frequency, which not only amplifies their healing prowess but also brings about personal spiritual growth.

5. Strengthening the Spiritual Bond:
Attunement is also a process of spiritual deepening. It forges a stronger bond between the practitioner, the universal life force, and the lineage of Reiki Masters who’ve come before, creating a continuous chain of wisdom, energy, and intent.

6. Ethical and Authentic Practice:
Being attuned lends an authenticity to one’s practice. It signifies the practitioner’s commitment to the ethical and genuine practice of Reiki, ensuring they uphold the tradition’s integrity.

In conclusion, while the theoretical knowledge of Reiki provides the foundation, it is the attunement that truly empowers and transforms a practitioner. It’s the bridge between knowledge and profound application, ensuring that when a Reiki healer extends their hands, they do so with potency, authenticity, and the blessings of an age-old lineage.

The Importance of Knowing Your Instructor’s Reiki Lineage

The world of Reiki is rich in tradition, wisdom, and heritage. But like many ancient practices, its purity and authenticity are paramount for genuine healing. This brings us to a critical aspect of Reiki learning: understanding and appreciating your instructor’s Reiki lineage. Another way to think of Reiki lineage is like a Reiki family tree. But why is this lineage so crucial? Let’s delve deeper.

Reiki Family Tree

1. A Chain of Authenticity:
Reiki isn’t just a technique; it’s a transmission of energy and wisdom that’s been passed down through generations starting with the founder of Reiki Usui Mikao. Knowing your instructor’s lineage provides assurance that you’re receiving teachings that are genuine, undiluted, and rooted in tradition.

2. Respecting the Origins:
Understanding the lineage is a nod to the origins of Reiki. It’s about respecting the legacy of the masters who’ve come before and recognizing their contributions to the sacred art.

3. Potency in Transmission:
Each Reiki Master adds their essence, experiences, and insights to the teachings. By knowing the lineage, you appreciate the cumulative wisdom and energy that’s being passed down to you, ensuring a potent and enriched learning experience.

4. Ethical Assurance:
In a world where spiritual practices can sometimes get commercialized, knowing your instructor’s Reiki lineage assures you of their commitment to upholding the tradition’s ethics and integrity.

5. Personal Connection:
When you understand your instructor’s lineage, it’s not just about names and timelines. It’s about feeling connected to a grander tradition, understanding the journey of Reiki, and recognizing your place in this vast tapestry of healers.

6. Enhancing Your Practice:
The insights, teachings, and techniques passed down through lineage can offer unique enhancements to your practice. It’s like receiving a treasure trove of wisdom, accumulated over generations.

7. Guided by Spirit Masters:
Within the intricate fabric of Reiki’s lineage lies the profound connection to spirit guides. These guides, often the very masters that are part of your instructor’s lineage, serve as benevolent guardians on your Reiki journey. They’re not just historical figures; they exist in the spiritual realm, ready to assist, guide, and share their wisdom.

By acknowledging and connecting with them, practitioners can tap into a reservoir of knowledge and intuition that transcends the bounds of time. This communion with spirit masters enriches the Reiki healing process, adding layers of depth, insight, and divine guidance. It’s a sacred relationship, reminding us that even though these masters have physically departed, their energetic presence continues to guide, uplift, and inspire.


Reiki is a transformative journey, and like every profound voyage, understanding its nuances, traditions, and lineage can significantly enhance the experience. As we’ve delved into the depths of Reiki Level 2, it’s evident that this stage is not merely about advancing in technique but also about deepening the spiritual connection, understanding the legacy, and ensuring authentic practice. Knowing your Reiki lineage, appreciating the attunements, and respecting the masters and spirit guides that pave your path are integral to truly embracing the power of Reiki Level 2.

For those embarking on this journey, remember that it’s more than just learning; it’s about transformation, growth, and forging a deeper bond with the universe’s life force energy. And whether you choose to learn in person or through the vast expanse of online platforms, the essence of Reiki remains undiluted, ever potent, and profoundly healing.

As an Usui Reiki Master, my journey has been enlightening, and I hope that through this article, I’ve shed light on the significance and beauty of Reiki Level 2. May your journey in this realm be as transformative and enriching as mine has been.

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