Reiki Candles: Add Wonderful Healing Energy to Your Meditation and Relaxation

Reiki candle therapy is an ancient practice used for centuries to help bring about emotional, physical, and spiritual balance. It is a powerful, holistic form of healing that combines the healing power of light with the energy of Reiki. In this article, we will explore what reiki candles are and how they can be used as part of holistic healing. 

How Do Reiki Candles Work?

Reiki energy is a form of spiritual energy believed to promote healing, relaxation, and well-being. The Reiki practitioner’s intention and focus channel the energy into the candle. When the candle is lit, the energy is released into the environment, promoting a positive and calming atmosphere.

Reiki Charged Candles

Reiki-charged candles are full of powerful healing energy, thanks to a Reiki practitioner who has channeled that energy into the candle. The candles only have natural ingredients like soy wax, beneficial essential oils, and fragrances. They came in different sizes and provide an effective way to reduce stress while inviting peace and balance into your life.

Reiki Healing Candles

Reiki Healing Candles are crafted to encourage the natural process of revitalizing your body. They’re made from carefully chosen, nutritive ingredients and infused with Reiki energy for maximum effect. You can choose from various scents and sizes that will work harmoniously with you to support your physical, mental, or spiritual well-being. 

How To Use Reiki Candles 

When using reiki candles for holistic healing purposes, it’s important to understand how they work and how best to use them. 

Reiki Candles

First, you should set aside some time for yourself in order to create a peaceful environment where you can relax and meditate on your intention for using the candles. Then, light your chosen candle (or several if you wish) and allow yourself to receive its energy as you focus on your intention for using it. 

You will need to visualize the energy flowing throughout your body or practice mindfulness techniques such as visualizations. It is important to set your intentions.  This is recommended to enhance further the effects of the candle’s energy on your overall well-being. 

Once finished, extinguish all flames before leaving your meditation session. 

The Role Of Intention In Reiki Candle Usage

Intention plays a vital role in candle usage. When using a Reiki candle, setting your intention and focusing on the positive energy you wish to bring into your life is paramount. Focusing your objective on positive energy can facilitate healing and increase mindful awareness. 

Additionally, setting a clear intention before beginning your Reiki candle practice will help you stay focused and guide the energy of the candle toward your desired outcome. The more clarity and focus you have on your purpose, the more powerful the effects of Reiki candle usage will be. 

It is also important to note that intentions should never be intended to harm or control another. Intentions should always come from a place of love and respect for all beings, including yourself. By using Reiki candles with the right objective, you can create positive changes in your life and bring healing, peace, and joy into your life. 

Choosing Reiki Candles

When choosing Reiki candles, there are a few things to consider. First, consider the scent and size of the candle. The scent should be something that you enjoy and find relaxing. The candle size should be appropriate for your needs, whether you plan to use it for a short meditation or longer periods of relaxation. You should also consider the ingredients used in the candle, as natural ingredients are typically better for promoting overall well-being. When selecting Reiki candles, look for high-quality ones made with intention and care.


Reiki candle therapy is an incredibly powerful tool that can provide tremendous peace and relaxation while helping restore balance in both mind and body. By taking some time out of your day to focus on yourself and connect with the healing energy these special candles provide, you can experience greater health benefits than ever before! Whether you’re looking for physical relief from aches and pains or need extra help finding emotional balance—reiki candles may just be what you need.

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