Reiki and Jesus: A Journey of Healing and Faith

As a Christian, my discovery and subsequent journey into Reiki has been an enlightening one. This path has led me to explore the profound intersections between Reiki and Jesus – two powerful forces of spiritual healing and connection. My faith has been enriched, my understanding of the Divine deepened, and my bond with Jesus has grown stronger as a result.

Reiki, a Japanese healing art, at first glance, may seem worlds apart from the revered teachings of Jesus Christ in the Christian doctrine. However, I’ve found that by embracing the practice of Reiki, I have been able to enhance my spiritual journey and feel an even closer connection to Jesus and God’s divine energy.

Within the Christian tradition, we find numerous examples where Jesus and his disciples used what we could call energy healing. These instances bear striking resemblances to the practice of Reiki, creating a bridge of understanding between a faith dating back over 2,000 years and a form of energy healing that’s over a century old from Japan.

In this article, we’ll explore the fascinating intersection between Reiki and Jesus, taking a closer look at the historical and biblical instances of energy healing, and understanding how these principles fit into a modern Christian life. This exploration offers an enriching perspective, opening up a new way to look at our faith and spiritual practices, deepening our connection with Jesus, and bringing us closer to the Divine through the practice of Reiki. Join me on this unique journey, where we discover the intertwined paths of Reiki and Jesus and uncover a new spiritual depth.

Discovering Reiki: The Healing Practice that Deepened My Christian Faith

Reiki, originating from Japan, is a form of energy healing that works on the principle of channeling life force energy or ‘ki’ to promote healing, balance, and well-being. As I embarked on my journey to understand Reiki, I found that the core concepts of this practice began resonating deeply with my existing Christian beliefs.

At first glance, Reiki and its origins may seem quite distant from the teachings of Christianity. However, the heart of Reiki is about healing, compassion, and promoting balance and peace – principles that are in harmony with Jesus’ teachings of love, forgiveness, and healing. As I delved deeper into the practice, I found myself drawn closer to Jesus’ teachings, finding parallels between the two and experiencing a profound sense of spiritual synchronicity.

The fundamental principle of Reiki lies in the belief that a universal life force energy flows through all living beings. This energy, when harnessed and directed, can facilitate healing, peace, and balance. In many ways, this mirrors the Christian belief in the Holy Spirit’s divine, life-giving energy that flows through all of us, fostering healing and spiritual growth.

The deeper I ventured into the practice of Reiki, the stronger became my conviction that this was no mere coincidence, but rather, a divine alignment that had the potential to deepen my bond with Jesus. The Reiki principles of peace, balance, and healing began to shed new light on my understanding of Jesus’ teachings, allowing me to connect more intimately with His message and presence.

In the following sections, we’ll delve into specific instances in the life of Jesus that illustrate His use of energy healing – instances that bear striking resemblances to the practice of Reiki. This exploration will provide us with an enriched understanding of the interconnectedness of Reiki and Jesus, as well as their role in my personal spiritual journey and the larger Christian community.

The Healing Teachings of Jesus

The healing miracles of Jesus Christ form some of the most inspiring narratives in the Christian doctrine. These accounts highlight Jesus’ compassion and His divine power to heal the sick, the blind, the lame, and the lepers. What fascinated me as a Reiki practitioner was the recurrent theme of touch and energy transfer in these healing stories. This is remarkably similar to Reiki‚Äôs method of laying hands to channel healing energy.

One notable example can be found in the Gospel of Luke (6:19): “And the whole multitude sought to touch him: for there went virtue out of him, and healed them all.” The ‘virtue’ referred to here can be interpreted as healing energy, similar to the life force energy or ‘ki’ in Reiki.

In another instance, Jesus heals a woman suffering from a hemorrhage in Mark 5:27-34. The woman believed that even touching the clothes of Jesus would be enough to heal her, and indeed her faith led to her healing. Jesus, sensing that power had gone out from Him, turned to acknowledge her faith. This narrative resonates strongly with the concept of Reiki, where healing energy can be transferred via touch.

Laying on of Hands

These Biblical references to Jesus’ healing through touch and the transference of energy provide a clear link to the principles and practice of Reiki. It illustrates how Jesus Himself used methods that echo the modern practice of energy healing, showing us that the chasm between the ancient teachings of Christianity and Reiki may not be as wide as we think.

In the following sections, we’ll further delve into the compatibility between the principles of Reiki and Christian beliefs, as well as explore how practicing Reiki can strengthen our bond with Jesus and enhance our spiritual journey.

Reiki and Christianity

Given the healing miracles performed by Jesus and the Christian tradition’s emphasis on faith, compassion, and love, the harmony between Christianity and the principles of Reiki becomes increasingly evident. The essence of Reiki – promoting balance, healing, and peace – complements the core Christian teachings of love, forgiveness, and healing.

One of the core symbols in Reiki is the ‘Distance Healing Symbol,’ which transcends space and time, allowing healing energy to reach anyone, anywhere. This symbol closely echoes the Christian belief in the omnipresence of God’s love and healing.

However, it is also important to acknowledge and address the misconceptions about Reiki within some parts of the Christian community. Some people may view Reiki as incongruous with Christian teachings because of its origins in a non-Christian culture. Yet, when we examine the principles and practices of Reiki, it’s clear that they focus on love, peace, and healing – themes that are universally significant and align closely with Christian teachings.

The core principles of Reiki, such as ‘Just for Today, I will not anger’ or ‘Just for Today, I will be grateful,’ harmonize with Christian teachings about controlling anger, showing gratitude, and living in the present. These principles reinforce the teachings of Jesus about love, forgiveness, and living a righteous life.

Understanding these parallels has allowed me to embrace Reiki as a complementary practice to my Christian faith. It has become a powerful tool that has deepened my understanding of Jesus’ teachings and brought me closer to His love and healing.

Experiencing the Divine: How Reiki Can Strengthen Your Connection with Jesus

Reiki can play a transformative role in deepening one’s spiritual life and strengthening their bond with Jesus. At its core, Reiki is about directing universal life force energy towards healing and harmony, providing a tangible experience of the flow of divine energy.

Christianity teaches us about the omnipresence of God, His love, and His healing power. However, these concepts can sometimes seem abstract and elusive. Reiki provides a tangible dimension to these teachings by allowing practitioners to experience the flow of healing energy physically.

For instance, during a Reiki session, the practitioner can feel the warmth or tingling sensation of energy passing through their hands. This physical sensation can serve as a powerful affirmation of the presence and flow of divine energy, making one’s faith more tangible and experiential.

Moreover, Reiki promotes mindfulness, peace, and compassion – all virtues emphasized in the teachings of Jesus. Practicing Reiki can help Christians to cultivate these virtues and live out the teachings of Jesus more fully in their daily lives.

hands on reiki

The use of touch in Reiki healing also resonates with the Christian tradition of laying on hands, as demonstrated by Jesus in His healing miracles. This shared practice provides another tangible connection between Reiki and Jesus, serving as a physical expression of love, healing, and the flow of divine energy.

Therefore, Reiki can serve as a practical tool for Christians to deepen their faith, making the spiritual teachings of Jesus more tangible and accessible. This can foster a more intimate and personal relationship with Jesus, enriching one’s spiritual life.

In the following section, we will explore the role of Reiki in contemporary Christian life and how it can contribute to the spiritual enrichment of the Christian community.

Reiki in Contemporary Christian Life

As we navigate our fast-paced modern lives, we are often seeking ways to deepen our faith and feel closer to God. Reiki, with its principles of balance, peace, and healing, can play a significant role in helping Christians connect with the teachings of Jesus on a more personal and tangible level.

The principles of Reiki resonate with the teachings of Jesus and the core values of Christianity. The emphasis on peace, compassion, gratitude, and forgiveness in Reiki reflects Jesus’s teachings, serving as practical tools to implement these principles in our daily lives. Practicing Reiki can help Christians embody the teachings of Jesus more fully, fostering a more compassionate, forgiving, and peaceful lifestyle.

Moreover, the practice of Reiki allows for a direct, physical experience of the flow of divine energy, providing a tangible way to feel God’s healing power. This can enhance one’s faith, providing a more experiential understanding of the presence of Jesus and His healing power. The sense of peace and balance experienced during a Reiki session can also mirror the spiritual peace that comes from a deep connection with Jesus.

In essence, integrating Reiki into our spiritual practices can offer Christians a new way to experience their faith, making it more tangible and personal. By embracing the principles of Reiki, Christians can deepen their connection with Jesus, enrich their spiritual life, and feel a closer bond with the Divine. This bond can enhance our understanding of Jesus’s teachings, helping us to live out these teachings more fully in our everyday lives.

In the concluding section, we will summarize the insights gleaned from this exploration of Reiki and Jesus, and reflect on the potential benefits of embracing Reiki as a tool for spiritual growth and deeper connection with Jesus.


Our exploration of the unique intersection between Reiki and Jesus reveals a fascinating and enriching perspective. As we’ve discovered, the principles of Reiki and the teachings of Jesus share a profound synergy, centering around healing, peace, and compassion.

The examples from the life of Jesus highlight how energy healing, akin to Reiki, played a significant role in His healing ministry. These instances form an intriguing bridge between ancient Christian teachings and the Japanese art of Reiki, showing us that our faith can be both global and timeless.

Reiki offers Christians a tangible way to experience the healing power of God, creating a more personal and intimate connection with Jesus. The practice can help one embody the teachings of Jesus more fully, enriching our spiritual life and making the Christian journey more experiential and relatable in modern times.

As Christians, embracing Reiki doesn’t mean straying from our faith or beliefs. Instead, it offers a complementary spiritual practice that can deepen our understanding of Jesus’ teachings and bring us closer to His divine love and healing power.

In the end, the journey of faith is deeply personal, and the tools we use to enrich this journey can vary widely. For some, like myself, the journey has led to the crossroads of Reiki and Jesus, and the experience has been nothing short of transformative.

Regardless of the path we choose, the ultimate goal remains the same: to live a life of love, compassion, and peace, in closer connection with Jesus. Whether through Reiki or other spiritual practices, let us continue to seek deeper understanding, healing, and connection in our spiritual journeys.

Final Thought

While I have shared my personal experience and insights on the integration of Reiki and Christian faith, it is essential to understand that this exploration is not an attempt to proselytize or impose my beliefs on others. Rather, my intention is to shed light on the possibility of merging Reiki – a non-religious form of energy healing – with one’s religious beliefs, using Christianity as an example.

Reiki, as a healing practice, is independent of any religious doctrine. Its principles of healing, balance, and peace can universally complement various religious and spiritual beliefs without challenging or conflicting with them. The shared themes of compassion, forgiveness, love, and healing found in both Reiki and Christianity showcase a harmonious blend of spiritual and physical healing.

Moreover, the concept of energy – be it called ‘ki’ in Reiki, ‘prana’ in Hinduism, or the ‘Holy Spirit’ in Christianity – is a universal one, prevalent in numerous religions and spiritual practices. This universal energy, which flows through all living beings, is perceived as divine in many religions. Experiencing this energy through Reiki can serve to deepen one’s religious experiences and understanding.

So, to answer the question of whether Reiki can be practiced alongside religion – the answer is a resounding yes. Whether you’re a Christian, like myself, or follow a different faith, the principles and practices of Reiki can be harmoniously incorporated into your spiritual journey. Reiki doesn’t challenge your faith; instead, it can enhance your spiritual experiences and deepen your connection with the divine, irrespective of your religious affiliation.

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