What I Mean When I Say I’m a Christian: A Non-Traditional Christian View from a Reiki Master Walking the Road of Discovery

What I mean when I say I'm a Christian

In the intricate tapestry of spirituality, where various threads of beliefs and traditions intertwine, standing at an intersection can often lead to misunderstandings and raised eyebrows. I stand at one such crossroad, holding the title of a “Christian Reiki Master,” a combination that, for some, might appear paradoxical. Yet, spirituality is a deeply personal journey, … Read more

Is Reiki Christian: Bridging the Gap Between Energy Healing and Christian Beliefs

Is Reiki Christian

In the diverse and vast world of spiritual practices, the quest for healing and inner peace often leads us to crossroads of understanding and belief. For many Christians, there’s a natural caution towards delving into spiritual practices outside their traditional sphere, rooted in the genuine concern that such endeavors might inadvertently misalign with their faith … Read more

Spiritual Blockage: How to Recognize and Overcome the Spiritual Hurdles that Hold You Back

Spiritual Blockage

For those who have been following my blog, you know that my articles are mostly informative. However, today, I am drawn to share a more personal side of my journey – my encounter with spiritual blockages. As a Reiki Master with a spiritual foundation in Christianity, my journey involves a unique blend of spiritual practices, … Read more

Residual Spiritual Energy: Can Spirits and Energy Linger in a Space

Residual Spiritual Energy

The notion of residual spiritual energy has long intrigued me. It’s an idea that energy, bound by faith, can remain within a space, tangible to those with the sensitivity to perceive it. Let’s dive in. Experiencing Residual Spiritual Energy I can recount several instances of encountering such earthbound spirit energy. For instance, stepping into a … Read more

Is Reiki a Sin: Diving into the Heart of Reiki and Faith

Is Reiki a Sin

One of the most frequently asked questions I encounter as a Reiki Master and Christian is, “Is Reiki a sin?” This question, despite its simplicity, embodies a profound intersection of faith, healing, and personal belief systems. Reiki, an energy healing practice originating in Japan, has increasingly become a popular element of holistic health across the … Read more

Reiki and Jesus: A Journey of Healing and Faith

Reiki and Jesus

As a Christian, my discovery and subsequent journey into Reiki has been an enlightening one. This path has led me to explore the profound intersections between Reiki and Jesus – two powerful forces of spiritual healing and connection. My faith has been enriched, my understanding of the Divine deepened, and my bond with Jesus has … Read more

Addressing Misinformation: Is Reiki Demonic? Get the Truth From a Christian Reiki Master

Is Reiki Demonic

As a Reiki Master and practicing Christian, I often come across misconceptions and misinformation about Reiki. Because of this misinformation about Reiki, people can get scared about the practice. They will feel led to ask questions like, Is Reiki evil? Is Reiki witchcraft? Is Reiki from Satan? Is Reiki Demonic? Or Is Reiki against Christianity? … Read more

Angelic Reiki Symbols And Meanings: Experience a Life Rich in the Love of Angels

Angelic Reiki Symbols

Angelic Reiki is a powerful healing modality that channels high-frequency energies from the Divine and the archangels to promote physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing. One of the key aspects of Angelic Reiki is the use of symbols, which serve as a powerful tool for connecting with the energies and facilitating the healing process. This … Read more